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Online Backup Service


All platforms and common databases supported

Hubris Communications Backup supports all leading operating systems which run Java2 Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or above, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, NAS devices, etc. Hubris Communications Backup comes with modules specially designed for backing up common database applications, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL. This allows you to back up all these databases easily without requiring you to know how it works behind the scenes. If the databases or applications you are using in-house are not listed here, don't worry. Our extensible and easily configurable command line tools enable you to add custom backup logics to basic backup operation through simple scripting.

Supported Platforms

Smart file management and a shortcut for large file backups

The backup client uses in-file delta technology so that the original file only needs to be backed up once. On future backups, only the changes made within each file since your last backup need to be uploaded. This greatly reduces the amount of data needed to be transferred.

A large amount of data or a "seed" backup can be delivered to us on physical media to get started. If you have a very large amount of data to back up, the first time you run a backup can take a very long time to run over your internet connection. If this is the case, this data can first be backed up locally to physical media such as a removable hard drive or thumb drive, and then delivered to us. Once the data is placed into the online backup server, subsequent backups will only need to upload the changed data, saving time and bandwidth. The example below shows an original seed of 500 GB and how daily changes to that file are backed up.

Date Incremental Storage Space (GB)
Day 1 Seed Load (Full) 500
Day 2 Upload Delta-1 +(Delta-1) 5
Total = 505
Day 3 Upload Delta-2 +(Delta-2) 5
Total = 510
Day 4 Upload Delta-3 +(Delta-3) 5
Total = 515

Backup individual mail in Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the most popular email servers used by businesses of any size. Hubris Communications Backup Software's built-in Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Module allows you to back up all critical data within Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual email, calendar, and contact list, etc. This capability makes Hubris Communications Backup an ideal backup tool for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Limited cost, unlimited protection

Once Hubris Communications Backup is deployed in your company, your invaluable data is protected against virus, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and accidental deletion. While the cost of investing in Hubris Communications Backup is minimal, the value of the critical business data it protects and the potential benefit you derive from our service is enormous.

Easy to use and manage

After the initial setup of Hubris Communications Backup's client-side backup application, backup jobs will be run automatically every day without requiring human effort. Restore operation can be done in just a few clicks when needed. Hubris Communications Backup always keeps you updated by sending out comprehensive backup reports via email on a daily basis.

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