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Internet Content Filtering Service

Keep Inappropriate Content Out of Your Business or Organization

As a business owner, IT manager, or leader of an organization, you want to be certain that Internet access is used appropriately. To help meet that need, Hubris Communications offers the Family Friendly Internet Filter for businesses and organizations.

Peace of Mind

Filtering blocks access to many types of web pages which are inappropriate for viewing in the workplace:

  • pornography
  • drug use
  • violence
  • hate crimes

It also blocks access to other areas of the Internet which do not traditionally play a role in business productivity:

  • chat rooms
  • web-based email sites

Ready to Sign Up for the Family Filter?

If you already have an account with us, it's easy to setup the Family Filter service. Just fill out the signup form.

If you have any more questions about the service, give us a call!

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Easy to Use, Nearly Impossible to Circumvent

There are lots of content filtering products on the market which you can install onto your computer. However, there are inherent drawbacks to this type of filtering solution:

  • The software can be expensive, retailing for $50 or more.
  • Many programs require a subscription service to keep the software's content listing up to date.
  • Enterprising youngsters can often find ways to disable or circumvent the software's services.
Our Family Friendly Internet Filter has many advantages that make it a much more powerful, complete solution.
  • The service is available to you at no additional cost.
  • The filter content listing is updated every day. We subscribe to the update service and our listings are always current.
  • The filter cannot be disabled, even if a different computer is plugged into your network or your telephone line. Since filtering happens on our side of your Internet connection, no changes or alterations to settings on your computer can bypass the filter.

For those times when legitimate access to a blocked site is required, the filter can be temporarily disabled with a special override password.

A Service You Can Trust

Hubris Communications' Family Friendly Internet Filter is used by schools, churches, businesses, and libraries to protect Internet connections from inappropriate material. It's a very reliable service, and it is easy to deploy over your home connection or your entire LAN because there is no software to install.

How to Request the Service

Requesting the service is easy. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. The service is only available to DSL, Dial-Up, and High-Speed Business Internet customers.

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Hubris Communications Internet Access

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Sign Up For Content Filtering

Note: This service is only available to current subscribers of Hubris Communications' internet service.

Your Full Name:

Your Login-ID:

Filter Password:

optional *

This password should be different than your dial-up or email password. It will allow you to temporarily disable the filter for times when it may get in the way of legitimate use of the internet or when an adult is using the service. The service is automatically re-enabled after a specified period of time. Passwords should be from 5-10 characters long. * This password is optional and does not have to be set if you don't want overrides to be possible under any circumstances.

Email Address:

Every time the filtering service is disabled using the special filtering override password, a notice is sent to an e-mail address so that you know it has been disabled. Please enter the e-mail address where you would like a notice to go. This address will get an email each time that the filtering service is disabled, telling you the date and time that it was disabled.

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