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Email Hosting Service

In addition to Internet connectivity and web hosting, Hubris Communications can also provide some of the best email hosting in the business. Our farm of redundant email processing machines will handle any email need your business may have.

Email hosting is included with all of our Web Hosting packages. Combined with your own domain name, we can help extend your web presence to include email on your domain name but hosted on our dedicated email servers. There are many advantages to hosting your email with Hubris Communications:

  • We Maintain the Service
    You won't have to worry about configuring and maintaining an email server within your organization. We take care of all those technical details.
  • Protect Your Inbox with Server-Side Email Virus Scanning and Spam Filtering
    Whether you use our domain name or your own, all email accounts hosted by us have our Email Virus Scanning and Spam Filtering services available at no additional charge.
  • Use List-Serv Service to Build Email Distribution Lists
    Hubris Communications can also host mailing list services (Listserv) for your business or organization. Whether it is a discussion list for your membership-based organization or an easy-to-administer distribution list used to keep in contact with your customers, we can provide almost any email based solution.

The Power of Email Hosting

Email hosting allows you to create many email address which all end in your own domain name. To explain the power of email hosting, we'll be using some information for a fictional company:

Fictional Company Name: Western Widgets
Domain Name:

Depending on the hosting package you choose from Hubris Communications, you may have these addresses set up as POP mailboxes or as aliases. The true power of email hosting is the tremendous flexibility this gives you.

Setting Up POP Mailboxes

When you setup an email address using your own domain name, you can point that address to the POP mailbox which is included with your web hosting account. This mailbox is located on our mail servers. Your computer downloads your email directly from Hubris Communications, even though the address is at your domain name.

Setting Up Email Aliases

Email aliases give you the power to point email addresses to POP mailboxes which are not on Hubris Communications' servers. There are many reasons you might want to do this. Let's illustrate by using the example of Bob Smith, an employee at Western Widgets.

Redirection: Sending Email to a Different Mailbox

Bob is a sales associate who travels frequently. He has a handheld computer and he subscribes to a wireless service which allows him to access the Internet on-the-go.

This service also gives him an email address which allows him to send and receive email messages on his handheld computer. However, this email address is not the same as his email address at Western Widgets.

Bob wants to be able to get his Western Widgets email on his wireless device. By setting up an email alias, Bob's messages can be directed to the email for his handheld computer. Think of it like this: =

When a message comes to our servers addressed to Bob, it is redirected Bob's wireless email account... which is hosted by a different Internet service provider.

Combining: Routing Email to Multiple Addresses into the Same Mailbox

Sandy Jones and Stan Rogers also work in the sales department. They have their own email address:

On the company's website, sales inquiries are directed to As the sales manager, Bob Smith has decided that Sandy Jones should review and respond to all email messages sent to that address.

Instead of configuring Sandy's computer to access two POP mailboxes, an email alias can be configured so that Sandy receives email for both addresses. Think of it like this: = =

These two examples demonstrate the power of email aliases. You can point any number of "virtual" email addresses to just a few "real" email accounts. This gives you a great deal of freedom to configure multiple address for varied purposes while keeping the costs of subscribing and maintaining real email accounts to a minimum.

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