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Hosted Phone Service

Tired of paying thousands of dollars for a phone system only to continue to pay hundreds of dollars a month for someone to maintain it for you? With our hosted phone service, you can completely eliminate upfront capital costs while still enjoying the latest technology and features.

With our hosted phone service you can:

  • Eliminate your upfront costs for a phone system - No need to purchase a phone system or pay for expensive monthly maintenance costs for that phone system.
  • Eliminate your upfront costs for phones - We provide great looking, professional phones with lots of features all as part of monthly service.
  • Save money on your monthly phone costs - Save as much as 50% on your monthly phone line costs.
  • Eliminate your long distance bill - All your domestic long distance is included in our low monthly phone line costs.
  • Get great features - Included features include caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing, voicemail, voicemail to email and advanced auto-attendant and call routing features. Optional features include call recording and conference bridges.
  • Get a scalable and flexible solution - No need to choose a number of extensions ahead of time. You can add extensions at any time. Extensions can be located at multiple locations and even employee homes. Extensions can be located anywhere with high quality internet access.
  • Enjoy no long term contract - As with most of our services, there is no need to sign a long term contract. We'd never hold a customer to a contract if their needs changed.

Best of all, all these features are available with zero hardware costs or any setup on your part. We provide all the hardware and deliver everything preconfigured. You just plug in your phones and go. Future configuration charges are done on our end at no additional charge.

Reliable and Affordable Hosted PBX

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