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Business Spam Filtering Service

Stop Wasting Time and Start Saving Money

For the individual Internet user, junk email is simply annoying. But for businesses, it can be a costly problem. Wading through numerous junk email messages every day eats away at productivity. And with all the useless email piling in, your employees might overlook valuable, legitimate messages.

Hubris Communications takes your email service very seriously. That's why we offer a powerful Spam Filter, which works behind the scenes to rid your inbox of junk email.

How does it work?

Hubris Communication's Spam Filter is a powerful tool for automatically identifying which of your incoming email messages are spam and which are not. Instead of having to pick your way through your daily inbox, our Spam Filter "tags" spam emails so you can quickly identify and delete them. It can even delete messages with high "spam scores" automatically so that you never even have to download them.

This system uses sophisticated algorithms to identify spam emails. Essentially, it "learns" what spam emails look like, and changes its rules as spammers change their strategies. While not perfect, it has an extremely high success rate for distinguishing between spam and non-spam email.

You're In Control

The Spam Filter has several customizable features which give you complete control over what gets through to your email inbox. Build white lists and black lists of specific email addresses so that certain messages are automatically approved and others are automatically rejected. Set the filter to be more or less aggressive to suit your needs. You can even disable the filter altogether.

Your Privacy Is Protected

The filter blocks messages from known spam sources. But its true power lies in its ability to "read" and understand the content of messages. However, once the message has been processed by the Spam Filter, no data about the message is stored. The process is completely automated and runs without any human intervention. That means your email remains completely private.

Other Scanning Services

Hubris Communications is serious about high-quality email service. That's why we provide Virus Scanning in addition to Spam Filtering on all email accounts. Learn about Virus Scanning here.

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