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Business Virus Scanning Service

Protect Your Business from Email Viruses

You've heard the horror stories about company networks becoming infected with email viruses. In a short amount of time, email viruses have the potential to do serious damage to your computer networks and data. Businesses simply can't afford to ignore the risks associated with unprotected email access.

Stop the Insanity

With Hubris Communications, all email services hosted by us are protected with email virus scanning. That means email you send and email you receive through our email servers will be scanned for email viruses.

Up-To-The-Minute Virus Library

Our virus scanner is kept up-to-date on all the latest viruses. It updates automatically so that when a new virus outbreak occurs, the scanner quickly learns how to spot it. The scanner is so effective that it detects and blocks 99% of infected email messages.

What Happens if Someone Sends Me an Infected Email Message?

The virus scanner sends you an email message notifying you that someone tried to send a message that was infected with a virus. The email tells you:

  • The subject of the message.
  • The name of the virus that was discovered.

Whenever possible, the virus scanner also tries to notify the true sender that he/she has a computer which has been infected by the email virus.

Does This Mean I can't Get an Email Virus?

No. If you still use email services from other providers (such as other Internet providers or web-based email services) you can still be infected. Only your Hubris Communications email account is protected with virus scanning. Therefore, we recommend you purchase and install virus scanning software on your own computer. Keep your virus scanner up-to-date in order to maximize your protection from email viruses.

Other Scanning Services

Hubris Communications is serious about high-quality email service. That's why we provide Spam Filtering in addition to Virus Scanning on all email accounts. Learn about Spam Filtering here.

For those interested in content filtering, we also offer the option (and FREE!) Family Friendly Internet Filter. Learn about it here.

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