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Affordable, Reliable, Available: The Way Dial-Up Access Should Be

Dial-up access is the most affordable and most widely available method for connecting to the Internet from your home or office computer. Hubris Communications offers the area's best solution by providing rock-solid service to hundreds of cities and towns, including dozens of communities across Kansas.

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How Does It Work?

Dial-Up Internet Access uses a modem (usually built into your computer) and your regular telephone line. Your computer makes a telephone call to our system and a two-way communication is established between your computer and the Internet.

Why Choose Dial-Up Access?

There are several factors that influence which type of Internet service you need: price, availability, speed, etc. However, there are several advantages to dial-up service from Hubris Communications.

Advantages of Dial-Up Internet

There are numerous advantages to signing up for a Dial-Up Account:

  • Availability
    Dial-up access is available in over 100 communities throughout Kansas... with no long-distance fees.
  • Highest Modem Speed Available
    Our equipment uses the v.90 protocol to provide you with high-speed, 56K connections.
  • Roaming Access
    With hundreds of dial-up numbers available across the country, your dial-up account can travel with you.

Our Best-of-Class Features

No Busy Signals: PERIOD
In over 9 years we have never had a single busy signal on our service. No provider can absolutely guarantee they will never have one, but our record speaks for itself.

Multiple Email Addresses
All of our personal dial-up accounts include email addresses for each family member. We wouldn't share an email address with the whole family, so we see no reason for our customers to do so either. There is no charge for multiple email addresses and our installer software will automatically configure your computer to use these multiple email accounts.

No Setup Fees
Providers usually charge a setup fee to compensate for people who cancel the service after a short period. If we are doing our job, such customers should be (and are) rare.

Easy Setup and Configuration
Rather than sign you up and let you fend for yourself, we provide a custom CD-ROM that will install and configure all the necessary software on your computer so that you can begin accessing the Internet immediately. We will also set up your computer for internet access for you at no charge. That includes installing and configuring dialup networking, a web browser and email addresses for each member of the family. As stated above, we do so completely free of charge.

Online Technical Support and Live Technical Support
We've built an extensive online support website, designed to answer our customers' most frequently asked configuration questions. Check it out - Also, our support staff (located right here in Kansas!) is just a phone call away.

Is Dial-Up Service Available in Your Area?

Check our Dial-Up Service Area page to see if dial-up service is readily available in your area. We offer service to dozens of communities across Kansas, as well as hundreds of cities across the country.

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